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Children’s Day USA started in 1993 as a heart based project of Summer Hansen to promote people of all ages doing what is best for us all.  In brief “do something wonderful to make our world a better place, you know what it is because you will feel it in your heart”.  But it is best to let Summer herself explain it.



Currently Children's Day USA is forming more mission focused partners with the nonprofits and individuals that we worked with in the past to extend our mission of making the world a wonderful place across America.



Jim Dear
Mayor City of Carson

President of CD Advisory Board

Alan Lowenthal

Bonnie Lowenthal
CA Assembly Member

Patrick O'Donnell
California State Assembly

Bob Foster
Long Beach Mayor

Beverly O'Neill
Former Long Beach Mayor

Christopher J. Steinhauser
LBUSD Superintendent of Schools

Frank Colonna
Former Long Beach City Councilmember